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Custom-Built Computers

Tired of buying cheap, bloatware-infested PCs from big box retailers?  Don't want to get nickel-and-dimed with hidden fees and expenses before you even make it out the door?  Want a high-quality PC that performs to its full potential and is built and supported by experts rather than high-pressure salesmen?  Let us make you a custom-built Scion Computer.


Benefits of a Scion computer:


-High quality components

We don't use cheap parts supplied by the lowest bidder.  All of the components we keep in stock are hand-picked according to our experience with what is the most reliable as well as what gives the most bang for the buck.


-Absolutely NO bloatware

Why should your brand new PC come bogged down with preinstalled crapware that you didn't ask for?  Especially when half of it consists of "free" trials that pester you to buy the full version.  Our custom-built machines come with a clean install of Windows 7 and only the software you ask for.


-2-year hardware warranty

Nobody likes dealing with a warranty that involves dialing through endless automated phone support lines and sending your computer away for weeks or even months, only to get it back and discover it still isn't working.  Our 2-year hardware warranty is in-store and we will work on it that same day.


-Highly upgradable; free labor on upgraded parts

PCs by design are made to be expandable, and yet many manufacturers make disposable machines with extremely limited upgradability.  Your new PC doesn't have to be obsolete tomorrow.  Our machines are designed to be able to grow with your needs; and when you want to bring it back for an upgrade, you only have to pay for the parts.  Labor is on us.


-Free data transfer from old computer

Forget paying an extra fee to migrate your data from your old machine.  If you buy a custom-built PC from us, we will transfer your data from an old machine as an added bonus (regularly $50!).


-Comes with Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus installed

On our machines you won't find any bloated trialware antivirus that stops updating after 30 days unless you give them money.  We include Microsoft Security Essentials, a free and very competent antivirus solution made by Microsoft.  (If you are in need of a more powerful paid solution, ask us about ESET's NOD32.)