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Gold Plated, High Speed HDMI to HDMI A/V Cable:

Allows you to broadcast quality digital video, digital audio, and intercomponent control signals all in one compact, high-performance connection. It supports multiple audio formats from stereo to multi-channel sound, as well as multiple video formats such as high-definition video and standard video. Use this cable to connect various high-definition devices, such as DVD Players, Satellite Boxes, LCD Projectors, Plasma TV and HDTV.

HDMI High Speed Compliant:

The HDMI cable complies with the HDMI High Speed specification for up to 10.2Gbps speed to support high definition video and multi-channel surround sound transfer via a single cable. It supports 3D in full 1080p resolution and resolutions up to 4K/2K (3840/2160p).

High-quality Signal Transfer:

Fully HDCP compliance and gold plated connectors provide the highest level of signal quality. It is also shielded for maximum protection from RFI and EMI interface.

Audio Return Channel:

The Audio Return Channel enables a TV, via a single HDMI cable, to send audio data “upstream” to an A/V receiver or surround audio controller. This increases user flexibility and eliminates the need for any separate S/PDIF audio connection.