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Our Promise

Is anything really free anymore? Yes! This really is!

Why Do We Give Out Free Support?

Many of our competitors like to charge over a hundred dollars to just to look at your computer - even if they can't fix it. We understand how tentative and nervous you can feel when dealing with situations you don't completely understand. While we are computer experts, we are auto novices. We know how it feels to take your car in to the shop - hoping you don't get worked over.

We strongly believe getting your computer looked at should be a different experience. You can bring your computer to us - with NO COMMITMENT - and we will evaluate the situation for 15 minutes. If we are actually able to fix the problem in that first fifteen minutes - you owe us nothing. You get a great deal and we get your trust - a true win-win situation. We won't start something in the first 15 minutes that we can't finish without your permission - no holding you hostage. Our whole intent is to either fix your computer or be able to give you an informed quote on what it will take to fix your computer before you feel obligated to do anything.

What Is Included?

We are giving you 15 minutes of free labor. If parts/components are required to complete the repair (and you authorize us to use them) you are responsible for the expense of the parts/components. Travel is not included - onsite fees apply if you want us to come to you. Before we will work on your machine we will ask that you sign our Diagnosis, Service & Repair Agreement.